Friday, June 19, 2020

NPA recognizes 5 fallen comrades

From the Sun Star-Bacolod (Jun 19, 2020): NPA recognizes 5 fallen comrades (By TERESA D. ELLERA)

THE New People's Army (NPA)-Apolinario Gatmaitan Command salutes with the highest revolutionary fervor their five members who were killed in a clash with military forces in Sitio Talingting, Barangay Luyang, Mabinay, Negros Oriental on June 18.

Ka Juanito Magbanua, spokesperson of the Apolinario Gatmaitan Command of the NPA-Negros Island, identified their killed comrades as Ka Dennis, Ka Leo, Ka Joy, Ka Jabar, and Ka Raymond.

"We firmly salute for their dauntless sacrifice. The five-man team was raided in a household by combined elements of the 11th IB, 94th IB, and the Regional Mobile Force Battalion with almost 100 personnel in 18th at around 1 a.m. Their valiant deed will resound and will serve as further inspiration for the masses and the comrades to wage ceaselessly and tirelessly the national democratic revolution to greater heights until victory," Magbanua said.

"It is normal for a revolution to be bloody; the New People's Army is fearless in facing sacrifice even at the risk of their own lives, as that pain is a thousand times more worth it than apathetically enduring the pain in this semi-colonial and semi-feudal country. As Chairman Mao Zedong puts it, their deaths are as heavy as of the tallest of mountains as their blood will trickle down the grassroots and blossom into thousands more of red fighters," he added.

Magbanua also said: "Certainly, the AFP-PNP will misnomer this as their victory and hardheadedly insist that the revolution is weakening. But the just revolutionary war led by the Communist Party of the Philippines will only gain more ground as Duterte and his tyranny has recruited the broadest united front against state terrorism. They themselves are the number 1 recruiter for the NPA."

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