Saturday, October 19, 2019

46 on Esscom wanted list since 2016

From The Daily Express (Oct 19, 2019): 46 on Esscom wanted list since 2016

KOTA KINABALU: A total of 46 individuals, mostly foreigners, were placed on the Eastern Sabah Security Command’s (Esscom) wanted list since 2016.

Deputy Commander Brigade General Hamzah Ali (pic) said of the figure, 28 individuals were either killed or surrendered themselves to the authority.

“There are seven new individuals on Esscom’s wanted list,” he said during a programme “Esscom in international relations perspective” at Universiti Institute Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Friday.

They are Salip Mura Kayawan, Sibih Pisih, Titing Alihasan @ Iyot Panday, Roger Saji, Long Sahirin, Jul Aksan Abdurajan @ Halimaw and Ben Tattoh.

Ben, an Abu Sayyaf sub-leader whose name was not in Esscom’s previous list of wanted people published in 2017 was listed again among 18 people on Esscom’s wanted list early this year.

Ben, who is also wanted by the Philippine authorities for trans-border crimes and by the Canadian government for allegedly beheading two of its citizens in Southern Philippines in 2016, also goes by the names Behn Tatuh, Boy Tattoo, Abu Ben Tattoo and Bhen Quirino.

On January this year, Hatib Hajan @ Sawadjaan, who is also one of 18 Filipinos wanted by Esscom for various trans-border crimes such as piracy and kidnapping was spotted with seven suspected foreign terrorists, including Malaysians, in Barangay (village) Kabbon Takkas, Patikul, Sulu.

Another wanted person Majan Sahidjuan @ Apo Mike was last seen encamped in Barangay (village) Bud Bawis, off Panamao town, Sulu as reported by Daily Express in February this year.

In a story published by Daily Express in March this year, one of the 18 men named by Esscom in its most-wanted list issued in January is Sibih Pisih.

Other names in the list are, Idang Susukan @ Abu Jihad, Al Munjir Yadah, Raden Abuh, Marajan @ Manajan Asiri, Sangbas @ Anjang, Hamsan Pakkan @ Black Cobra, Sabri Madrasul @ Salip Jul, Julajun Hasan and Tampi @ Bunju.

Hamzah, who was the guest speaker, said Esscom has successfully prevented a total of 15 kidnap attempts from 2014.

Kidnap for ransom also decreased since 2016,” he said, adding that the existence of Esscom has stimulated tourism with the number of tourists increasing gradually, especially from China and Europe.

Due to the vast area, Esscom plans to purchase new surveillance system, establish new security and surveillance posts in various strategic locations and establish designated sea routes and check points to curb the smuggling of firearms and other elements related to cross-border crime by checking vessels entering or departing the State.

“It is clear that Esszone security threats are real and not rhetoric. The issues are not only due to the nature of threats itself, but also arise from other issues such as geographical factor and humanitarian issues. 

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