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Kalinaw News: High ranking NPA surrenders anew with firearms

Posted to Kalinaw News (May 10, 2019): High ranking NPA surrenders anew with firearms

BUNAWAN DISTRICT, Davao City – – A high ranking political NPA cadre surrenderers along with others with a stash of different firearms of high calibres to the unit Wednesday, this time in Bukidnon province.

The trio were identified as Benido Lambonay alias “Junjun”, 29 years old, Eyan Man-ukil Mandanoay alias “Garry”, 20 years old, and Ely Manlangoy alias “Kinkin”, 24, and were all from Barangay Digongan, Kitaotao, Bukidnon, surrendered to the troops of 89th Infantry Battalion conducting Community Support Program or CSP in the area. 

It was revealed that Lambonay was the head of the NPA’s political wing, Komiteng Rebolusyonaryo sa Baryo, Mandanoay a guerrilla unit squad leader, and Manlangoy a member of the Milisiyang Bayan.

All trio belonged to Guerilla Front 55, Sub-regional Committee 5, Southern Mindanao Regional Committee, the terrorist arm of the Communist Party of the Philippines under Joma Sison conducting extortion, killings, sabotage of government equipment recruitment of minors and many more atrocities in the Bukidnon province.

The trio also pointed where they stashed their firearms and upon verification, troops recovered two (2) Garand Rifles, two (2) Carbine Rifles, and an M14 Rifle along with subversive documents.

Only more than a week ago, April 29, 22 firearms have also been recovered by the unit from surrenderrers in Paquibato District, making the recovery total of 27 high-powered firearms in a 2-week span at present. The three will be added to the list of earlier surrenderers who will be processed to avail of the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program or ECLIP where livelihood benefits and firearms remuneration, among others, await them.

Colonel Nolasco A Mempin, Commander of the 1003rd Infantry (Raptor) Brigade welcomed the new development and expressed his optimism that others more will follow suit.

“The magnimity of what these people with their firearms could do, adding to their radical perception against the normal, political norms, could have enormous implications in the peace-building efforts we, along with the communities and the whole government is painstakingly trying to build, this is why we thank the people who have complemented our efforts by adding social pressure for the rebels to finally surrender.”, he concluded.

Source: 1003rd Infantry Brigade

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