Thursday, June 29, 2017

Government will not back down against terrorism-Duterte

From the Philippine Information Agency (Jun 29): Government will not back down against terrorism-Duterte

President Rodrigo R. Duterte reiterated that the government will not back down in its fight against terrorism.

In his speech during the turn over ceremony of military aid from China, the President said that he always mentioned about the looming dark clouds that is the coming of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)-inspired terrorists in the country.

“We are fighting an enemy whose bankruptcy in their mind and heart is very clear. They have no objective, no ideology, not even relating to any supernatural or god, or at least to their fellow human beings. But their main task is just to destroy and kill. And we are in a very dangerous situation,” he said.

Duterte described the ISIS as having no redeeming factor; adding that is not part of the Geneva Convention hence it is without established rules of fighting and all they do is just to kill and destroy.

“They have to be dealt with the same ferocity, but not the brutality. We do not decapitate, we do not hang people. All we need is one shot and if he goes down, that’s it. We cannot do the same thing they are doing because we are supposed to be a republic, a democracy and a member of the United Nations under a rule to be observed,” he stressed.

In closing, he expressed hopes that the ongoing crisis in Marawi City will be over soon and that there will be no more deaths among uniformed personnel and civilians.

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