Sunday, June 5, 2016

PNP: No general found involved in drugs, so far

From Malaya (Jun 6): PNP: No general found involved in drugs, so far

THE Philippine National Police yesterday said there no active police general has yet been found involved in illegal drug activities, contrary to the statement of incoming PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa.

PNP spokesman Chief Supt. Wilben Mayor said “internal cleansing” is a continuous process in the PNP to weed out undesirables, including those involved in illegal drugs.

“A big part of our strategy against illegal drugs addresses the involvement of PNP personnel in drugs thru `INTERNAL CLEANSING.’ It’s a work in progress but no active generals have been identified to have been involved,” Mayor said.

Dela Rosa, former deputy chief of the PNP Intelligence Group, last week said he has a list of ranking police officials who are one way or another involved in illegal drugs. He said based on intelligence information, several police generals and junior officers are on the take from illegal drugs syndicates. He did not name names.

Duterte, last February during the campaign period, said based on intelligence information, around three police generals are involved in illegal drug activities. He did not name them. 

Duterte’s campaign focused mainly on eradicating crime, particularly illegal drugs peddling and abuse.

Last Saturday during a thanksgiving party, Duterte told three unnamed police generals based in Camp Crame, who he said are involved in corruption, to resign or he will humiliate them publicly.

“Corruption must stop. I would have to ask about three generals diyan sa (Camp) Crame to resign. Do not wait for me to name you in public because I will only humiliate you,” he said.

It was unclear if those three unnamed generals are those involved also in illegal drug activities.

Police insiders said while there is talk about officers involved in drugs or who are on the take from drug syndicates, proving their involvement or coming up with evidence against them would be difficult.

Duterte also on Saturday said he will ask for a review of all cases of policemen dismissed due to illegal drugs to make sure they will not make it back to the police service.

Duterte said policemen with pending drug cases must also immediately resign.

Mayor said at least 91 policemen have pending drug cases

“We will validate the information shared by the incoming President to identify those involved and secure the necessary evidence for their eventual dismissal,” Mayor said.

He added: “We support the effort of the incoming President to get rid policemen who are involved in illegal drugs and those who violate other laws… these policemen have no place in our organization. We will work hand in hand with the incoming administration to strengthen and enhance this policy and ensure that those involved will be prosecuted and separated from the service.”

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