Sunday, February 28, 2016

Israel arming Philippines’ attack crafts with missiles

From Update.Ph (Feb 26): Israel arming Philippines’ attack crafts with missiles  

Israeli firm Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will be arming Philippine Navy’s upcoming three Multi-purpose Attack Crafts (MPAC) to be built by the partnership between Filipino shipbuilder Propmech Corporation and Taiwanese builder Lung Teh Shipbuilding Corporation.

According to the Notice of Award issued by the Department of National Defense, Rafael’s proposal for the MPAC (Lot 2) Weapons System and Missiles Acquisition Project worth PhP 594,319,550 was accepted.

According to reports, the Israeli firm will provide 3 Mini-Typhoon remote-controlled naval stabilized gun and SPIKE-ER launchers and missiles.

According to Rafael, Mini-Typhoon gun was designed for day and night operation, especially designed for fast maneuvering patrol boats. The system provides day and night observation, operation, and accurate firing capabilities.

The SPIKE-ER is a guided weapon which is the extended long-range version of the Spike family, capable of defeating targets at a range of up to 8 kilometers. “This missile is designed for installation on land vehicles, helicopters and naval platforms,” Rafael said.

Mini-Typhoon has a variant which incorporates a machine gun and surface-to-surface missiles.

Lot 1, the project for three attack crafts, is expected to be completed within one year. These MPACs will be capable of storing 2,000 rounds for 12.7mm, 4,000 rounds for 7.62mm ammunition and 10 canisters of surface-to-surface missiles.

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