Thursday, April 16, 2015

NPA kills former comrade in Sorsogon

From the Philippine News Agency posted to InterAksyon (Apr 17): NPA kills former comrade in Sorsogon


New People's Army guerrillas ambushed and killed a former comrade who had reportedly refused to rejoin their ranks in Sorsogon province, police said.

Abelardo Blanco, 48, a former who used to be known as “Ka Enteng,” was gunned down in Sitio Bacolod, Barangay Esperanza in Pilar town as he walked home from a store where he had bought breakfast around 8:30 a.m.

Police quoted Blanco’s common-law wife as saying the killers, described as “young-looking” and armed with M16 rifles, had hidden behind coconut trees and emerged to shoot Blanco before casually walking away.

She said the rebels had earlier talked to Blanco and asked him to rejoin them because he had an important role to play. However, Blanco refused, telling them he was enjoying his peaceful life.

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