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CPP/NDF-Bicol: Strengthen and Advance the Formidable Strength of a People United Against an Oppressive Regime

NDF-Bicol propaganda statement posted to the CPP Website (Apr 24): Strengthen and Advance the Formidable Strength of a People United Against an Oppressive Regime

Maria Roja Banua
NDFP Bicol Chapter
The National Democratic Front-Bicol extends its warmest greetings to the people’s revolutionary organizations on the occasion of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines’ 41st foundation anniversary this April 24, 2014. The NDF-Bicol likewise sends its warm welcome to COMPATRIOTS, the revolutionary organization of overseas Filipinos and their families.

It is a victory for the Filipino people that the NDFP has persevered in sharply confronting and decisively fighting the ever decaying semifeudal and semicolonial society. The NDFP’s expansion and consolidation attest to the Filipino people’s utmost value toward their organized action in order to advance their national and democratic aspirations through armed revolution. A truly independent, democratic, and progressive society shall arise from the people’s revolutionary fortitude.

The united front of various classes and sectors is highly important today in forging a formidable weapon against the loathsome US-Aquino regime. Grave corruption, brutality, and puppetry to US imperialism are sound foundations to oust Noynoy Aquino.

1. Servility to US imperialism and relinquishment of the country’s sovereignty

The US imperialists seize Noynoy Aquino by the neck. He has no tinge of patriotism in his veins as he is inept at upholding the nation’s sovereignty, bringing about the US’ heightened intervention in all aspects of Philippine society. Aquino is hypocritical in censuring China’s interventionist posture on Philippine territory, while leaving the door wide open for the US military to roam the country increasingly and unabatedly.

Once again, Aquino will violate his government’s constitution as he allows foreign troops to conduct the intel and psywar exercise that is RP-US Balikatan in the town of Guinobatan and Legazpi City in Albay province on April 21 to May 16.

In tune with Albay Governor Joey Salceda’s arrogant “Zero Insurgency” prospect in Albay, heightened militarization and the Balikatan exercises in the province aim to launch an all-out suppression of the people and hand out the province to the unrestricted dispensation of Aquino and Salceda’s imperialist masters. Nothing else is on the US’ agenda than to dominate the Philippine economy in the name of Globalization, as to be represented by the forthcoming APEC gathering in 2015. Control of the Asia-Pacific market is US imperialism’s overriding objective in order to resuscitate its gasping economy.

Likewise in the near future, Aquino the traitor aims to contravene the 1987 Constitution so as to allow his imperialist masters to fully own Philippine lands and businesses, and bring the Philippines back to the plaguing of US military bases. These are the matters that Obama the imperialist boss intends to guarantee from Aquino the lackey on the US president’s visit on April 27.

2. Exploitation of policies and programs to serve the economic interest of the Cojuangco-Aquino clan, business partners, and friends

Aquino likewise holds the people hostage to serve as his clan’s and business partners’ milking cow under the Public-Private Partnership projects.
Electric cooperatives in the region are now being served on Danding Cojuangco’s plate for him to own and feast upon. And as in the case of the Bicol Medical Center, other public service institutions are also headed for the control of capitalists. Moreover, the region’s mineral resources are being auctioned to destructive foreign companies rather than building on the mining industry to benefit the country. In many provinces, most of Bicol’s governors are emboldened by Noynoy to partake in the plunder of the region’s mineral resources.

3. Disregard of land reform program and denial of the farmers’ rightful funds

Peasants are victims of the denial of social justice as regards ownership of the land that they have nurtured for decades, and the absence of agricultural support from Noynoy’s government. Thus, cancellations of Emancipation Patents, Certificates of Land Transfer, and Certificates of Land Ownership Awards are widespread, resulting in the displacement of peasant families from their lands. Such predicament of the peasantry stems from the unjust framework of the anti-people government’s bogus land reform program and the theft of funds intended for land reform.

Under the rule of Noynoy’s mother, P62.7 million was squandered in the Garchitorena Land Scam. Most of the region’s funds were anomalously paid off to an Aquino ally for land covered by the worthless CARP. This time, the Pork Barrel King covets the P72 billion of the coco levy funds and interests rightfully owned by coconut farmers. Noynoy salivates to swell his trillion-peso worth of pork barrel with the farmers’ coco levy funds. The coco levy funds are highly essential to Bicolanos, in view of the fact that Bicol is third among the coco-producing regions that have contributed to the said funds.

Aside from these crimes, Noynoy likewise crams into the troubles of the peasantry the harmful GMO seeds, fertilizers, and chemicals. Instead of upholding and developing natural methods of farming, Noynoy once again serves the interests of multinational companies in bleeding the people dry of their money over and over again.

4. Stagnant wages and high prices of commodities, more than half of which are taxes to a corrupt government

Meanwhile, workers and employees are denied of just wages. Whatever meager income they manage to earn are funneled towards high taxes and soaring prices of goods and services, and to the extremely detestable pork barrel. Parents torment themselves on how to produce means in order to sustain their children’s schooling. This, in addition to burgeoning expenses in the household. Furthermore, the small bulk of the youth which has managed to graduate from college fall in the ever-lengthening unemployment line, piling up to the more than 12 million jobless Filipinos.

5. Denial of education and neglect of the youth’s welfare

Quality education is inaccessible for the youth. An increasing number of young people are compelled to give up their schooling owing to their families’ lack of means to get across each day in poverty. Even those from the society’s middle strata are now mired in debts all throughout. They have either pawned or sold their properties if only to sustain their otherwise sunken budgets for their children’s future.

The government’s 4P’s dole out is nothing but a grave deception in cunningly flaunting Noynoy’s imaginary concern for the poor. This conditional cash transfer does not solve hunger and illiteracy among the youth. In truth, the people are doubly scourged as aside from being victims of Noynoy’s psywar, they will be made to pay off the imperialist grant utilized for the 4P’s.

Noynoy is furthermore liable to Bicol’s youth inasmuch as they are being preyed on by decadent habits and vices, and are coerced into joining the Armed Forces of the Philippines to be exploited for the military’s crimes. The denial of education and driving the youth towards depravity are consistent with the reactionary government’s design to round up the youth against the revolutionary movement.

Whatever form of the people’s dissent against Noynoy’s wicked policies are met with Oplan Bayanihan’s repression. Although a failure at defeating the revolutionary movement, this counterinsurgency program carries out widespread human rights violations by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police, and is unrelenting at poisoning the minds of the people, most especially the youth. The people are being lured into various types of distractions, decadent habits in particular, with the intention of dissuading them to take the path of revolution.

The grounds for ousting Noynoy are sufficient and sound. The process of causing his ouster may push for the intensification of the people’s war, and the march towards the strategic stalemate. Every single one of those who are exploited and oppressed must come together and direct the force of the united front against the people’s solitary enemy that is the US-Aquino regime.

Prospects for realizing great leaps in the people’s revolution are optimal, because the Bicolano people throb with a deep sense of revolutionary fervour. Our history attests to more than the people’s heroic fight against the open colonization of the Spaniards, the Americans, and the Japanese. Bicolanos have also persevered in fighting the indirect occupation of the devastating US imperialism that masquerade as democratic governments.

The mid-80’s united front of the basic masses together with those from the middle forces, in realizing their national and democratic demands, has achieved highest esteem. The workers and the peasantry joined forces with lawyers, church people, educators, businessmen, and all other sectors in culminating their collective action towards massive caravans in the regional centers.

Such revolutionary fervour must be instilled and constantly kept aflame in the consciousness of each Bicolano yearning to break away from the oppression and exploitation of the current system. It is this same fervour that must be rekindled by those in good standing and are willing to return to the folds of the revolution and perform revolutionary tasks yet again. We who have once grasped the correctness of armed revolution must keep the initiative and impel the wave of the people’s action in resolving their oppressed conditions.

It remains a permanent necessity that we spearhead the forming of organizations that advance the national and democratic interests of our class and sectors. The conditions are favourable to promptly arouse active members for them to comprehend and embrace the righteousness and necessity of armed revolution. These advanced members should be organized and forthwith affiliated with any of the appropriate allied organizations of the National Democratic Front. Our organizations will likewise advance in strength for as long as these are integrated with the struggles of other classes and sectors, and are in tight linkage with our people’s army in waging the armed struggle.

The people’s amassed force in intensifying the armed struggle, combined with far-reaching mobilizations in both the countryside and the cities, shall be our forefront in fighting the US-Aquino regime’s pro-imperialist and anti-people policies. The resurgence and advance of the people’s united front shall cause the overthrow of Noynoy’s despicable regime, and the gradual defeat of the exploitative and oppressive ruling class.

A bright future lies beyond the revolution’s arduous and winding route. This is why despite immense challenges, the people are determined to carry on the struggle towards the next stage and break away from poverty and slavery, and establish a government that is truly at their service. The steadfast united front of oppressed classes and sectors in waging armed revolution holds the key in the foundation of a society that is genuinely independent, democratic, and progressive.

Long live the Revolution!
Long live the Filipino people!

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