Friday, April 11, 2014

AFP's 'Bayanihan' gets 'above satisfactory' marks from Visayas CSOs

From InterAksyon (Apr 11): AFP's 'Bayanihan' gets 'above satisfactory' marks from Visayas CSOs

Samar newsman Rommel Rutor delivers the Visayas assessment of the military's implementation of of Oplan Bayanihan. (photo by Ricky Bautista,

Civil society groups in the Visayas gave the Armed Forces of the Philippines an “above satisfactory performance” rating for the implementation of “Oplan Bayanihan” in the Visayas last year.

The rating was given during an assessment conference on the military counterinsurgency program Thursday at the University of the Philippines in Diliman.

Aside from assessing Bayanihan, the conference also tackled security reforms.

Civil society “Bantay-Bayanihan Network” teams gave their assessment of the military plan.

As far as the Bayanihan operational indicators of the military is concerned, the AFP is hitting ‘above satisfactory,’ but we should take note that the consistency of its impact to communities is anchored on concrete policies, which is the second part of our assessment, and (in) that, the AFP is lagging behind” Samar Island Press Club president Rommel Rutor, who presented the Visayas assessment, said.

“In 2013, I would say that the so-called whole nation approach is still a military approach,” Rutor said.

Reacting to the Visayas assessment, Colonel Francisco F. Mendoza Jr., who represented the Cebu-based Central Command, said: “I agree on your observations and rest assured that we will also advise our lower units to correct any negative practice as far as policy implementation is concern to make the assessment and evaluation more comprehensive.”

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