Monday, February 24, 2014

Tribute for Ratin, Peasant Leader Aired by Revolutionaries

From the Negros Daily Bulletin (Feb 25): Tribute for Ratin, Peasant Leader Aired by Revolutionaries

Revolutionaries in the Southwest Negros front under the Armando Sumayang Jrs. Front and Command paid profuse tribute to peasant leader, Greg Ratin whom they paid accolade to in a statement whom they said tirelessly and courageously push for the interests of the exploited and oppressed masses in the island and the country.

Spokesperson, Andrea Guerrero, in her tribute said, Ratin came from a peasant family and inspite of his lack of resources was able to finish a college education through hard work.

"His selfless devotion to the poor, and his love of country pushed him to the ultimate sacrifice for the liberation of Philippine society from the claws of oppression," said Guerrero.

This, said Guerrero is a big challenge to his comrades to do the same, to free the country and the people from globalization and neo-liberation which is the main cause of the poverty the people are experiencing.

On the other hand, she said the policies of trade liberalization, privatization, deregulation and de-nationalization, the activists of smuggling syndicates and massive corruption, harm the people’s interests.

Meanwhile, the people suffer from untold of sufferings are drowning in poverty, high prices of goods, high taxes, low wages and salaries, unemployment, land grabbing in farming areas and shorelines, ejection, lack of social services including the violation of their human rights and democratic rights through militarization.

Illegal logging and mining also destroy their livelihood and the environment, their wherewithal for sustenance and survival.

Meanwhile, the economic crisis which translate into a political crisis is proving to be a social volcano which could explode anytime.

Ratin died after several month’s stay in Manila and having a operation for an ailing heart. A few days after he was operated on, he succumbed to his disease.

Like a farmer that he is, Ratin has sowed the seeds of revolution and liberation, Ka Andrea Guerrero ended.

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