Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BIFM: BIFM Official Ousted

Posted to the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Movement Website (Oct 23): BIFM Official Ousted

An exclusive interview to the BIFM chairman, Sheikh Ameril Umra Kato was conducted on October 23, 2013 at his hideout. It was related to the rumor that some high ranking members of the Movement have decided to get out of the Organization.

When asked what was/were the main reasons for separation, he refused to elaborate.

He told to the group that it's the exclusive right of the movement not to reveal to the public the reasons of allowing the desire of the vice chairman for Political Affairs to get out of the BIFM.  
As far as we know, completely cutting the whole connection between Mohammad Ali Tambako and BIFM is the best of our actions, he told the Media Group.

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  1. So little information is provided in this post to the BIFM Website but it does appear that Mohammad Ali Tambako, the vice-chairman for political affairs has left the BIFM for undisclosed reasons.


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