Monday, September 9, 2013

11 MNLF members bagged in Zamboanga City

From the Philippine News Agency (Sep 9): 11 MNLF members bagged in Zamboanga City

Eleven members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) were arrested in Zamboanga City hours after a clash with government security forces which left one trooper dead and six others wounded early Monday morning.

The arrest was made by the Zamboanga City Police Office.

As this develops, the Zamboanga city government opened a hotline for residents to report unusual or suspicious activity.

It advised residents to remain calm but to report "anything unusual" to police at 991-56-56 or the nearest police station.

"Public is advised to remain calm and sober but alert and vigilant and report anything unusual to police 991-56-56 or your nearest police station," the Zamboanga city government stressed.

Col. Andrelino Colina, head of Task Force Zamboanga, said the MNLF wanted to get near city hall to hoist its flag but was not allowed to do so.

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