Friday, December 14, 2012

Malaysian JI bomber killed in Davao City

From CNN i-Report (Dec 15): Malaysian JI bomber killed in Davao City

A Malaysian national packing an improvised explosive device (IED) inside his bag was neutralized by the Davao City Police Office after threatening to detonate the bomb when cornered by the police Friday evening. DCPO chief Sr. Supt. Ronald dela Rosa identified the suspected Jemaah Islamiyah member as Mohd Noor Fikrie bin Abd Kahar. Kahar was with his Filipina companion, Annabelle Nieva Lee.

The couple checked in at Room 204 of the Sampaguita Hotel Friday. Dela Rosa said they received intelligence report that Kahar was in possession of a bomb and is planning an attack here in DavaoCity. Dela Rosa readily alerted all units of the DCPO, the Task Force Davao, and all other intelligence units in the city and started negotiating with the hotel management for the ejection of the couple from their hotel room.

Finally at 10:30 pm, the duo went out of their room for check out. While at the lobby, the woman wearing traditional Muslim attire with black backpack containing the IED was accosted by Sr. Supt. Dela Rosa while Kahar was accosted by intel operatives. But before he could be arrested, Kahar was able to raise his cellphone and declared, "if you arrest or shoot me I have a bomb, I will explode it". The declaration made everybody scamper for safety while the couple went out on the road embracing each other with Kahar's right hand holding the mobile phone used as triggering device was raised as if warning the lawmen of impending IED explosion.

"Take down orders were given to SWAT snipers but could not be implemented since the area was overcrowded with pedestrians and motorists until Kahar got the backpack containing the IED and ran towards People's Park and the chase ensued until the suspect was cornered at Toryanos in front of the Apo View Hotel where he was fatally shot by the pursuing SWAT team," Sr. Supt. dela Rosa said. Authorities recovered the IED composed of 60mm mortar and was rendered safe thru water disruptor by the bomb team. Authorities also recovered the mobile phones of the couple and other "exploitable materials" and were turned over to the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency 11.

Lee, a native of Sorsogon and is a Balik Islam, is presently detained at the DCPO for further investigation. Kahar's body is now at the Angel Funeral Homes.

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