Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Posted to the Moro National Liberation Front (pro-Misuari) Website (Sep 23): Myth and Reality of  'Business Partners' and 'Ambassadors of Peace' Under Philippine Colonialism

Now that the bloody Philippines-Bangsamoro war in war-ravaged Mindanao has been raging for more than forty years and more human killings and wanton destruction are forthcoming, Philippine colonialism under President Benigno S. Aquino III has given it a new face to distinguish it from the ugly Marcosian 'New Society' (Bagong Lipunan) carnage outlook. Under the political cliche 'Straight Pathway' (Matuwid na Daan) brand of governance, the surreal political mirage is prime-timed with the introduction of 'business partners' and 'ambassadors of peace' as new commercial components to end presumably the longest war in Southeast Asia second only to the Vietnamese-American war in the past.....


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  1. This posting is typical of the anti-government (and at times anti-US) propaganda posted to the site. Periodically there are interesting posts such as the "MNLF Peace Meetings & Summits 2011" (,%20Gatherings,%20Summits,%20Etc/MNLF%20Peace%20Meetings%20&%20Summits%20of%202011.htm)
    The interactive photo documents MNLF leader Nur Misuari's meetings with various MNLF commanders and units.


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