Thursday, April 16, 2020

Kalinaw News: Task Force Davao on relief efforts as it commemorates 17 years of serving Davaoeños

Posted to Kalinaw News (Apr 16, 2020): Task Force Davao on relief efforts as it commemorates 17 years of serving Davaoeños (By 10TH INFANTRY DIVISION)

Task Force Davao did not conduct the traditional celebration of its 17th Founding Anniversary which is supposed to be today.

Instead, TF Davao distributed relief goods today (April 15, 2020) to the community in the immediate vicinity of its Headquarters in Sta Ana Wharf and to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) of the Marawi Siege who are still in Davao City.

The relief goods were generated from the benevolent stakeholders of TFD and from its own budget for the Anniversary celebration. TF Davao personnel delivered the relief goods, house to house, directly to the recepients with the assistance of the purok leaders and tanods . No consolidation of people were done.

The recepients consisting of 1,900 families were given rice, canned goods, coffee, milk, milo, noodles and toothpaste.

The officers and personnel of Task Force Davao extends their utmost gratitude to everyone especially to our beloved Mayor, Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio, for the untiring support that resulted to a productive year for the unit.

As we commemorate our 17th Founding Anniversary, we commit ourselves to better serve the Davaoeños. We also cherish our noble accomplishments for the period as follows:
zero incidence of bombing or acts of terrorism due to military patrols, checkpoint operations and other security operations either unilaterally or jointly conducted with other units of the AFP, PNP and Law Enforcement Agencies .

we also embarked on the following major initiatives that changed the way we secure the City: development of Culture of Security and conceptualization and implementation of Maximum Security Zone.

security policies were also institutionalized: No Jacket Policy, No Non-transparent Water Container Policy, No parking in crowded places or parking buffer zone, Inspection Cubicles for Hijab and Abaya-wearing Individuals, clearing of shrubs and ornamental plants in public places, no drone policy and use of transparent garbage bins during big events.

Conceptualized and implemented the Kalilintad 911 to insulate the IDPs of Marawi Siege from being influenced and exploited by terrorists. This will also help prevent the development of homegrown terrorist in the City.

In support to Law Enforcement Operations, we apprehended 96 individuals on drug related violations involving a total of P11.5M worth of illegal drugs representing more than 288% increase in the monetary value of confiscated drugs as compared to last year’s accomplishment. We were able to accomplish this with zero fatality and with no Human Rights Violations.

The Task Force also serves as first responder and frontliner of the city during calamities, disasters and even during the present COVID 19 outbreak in the City thru the following Humanitarian Assistances/Disaster Relief Operations:
  • numerous rescue efforts were conducted during incidence of flooding in low lying areas of the city
  • consolidation, repacking and distribution of relief goods during earthquakes in North Cotabato and Davao del Sur
  • delivery of relief goods to those affected by the Taal Volcanic eruption in Batangas.
  • retrieval of critical and much needed PPEs from Manila and its transport to Davao City
  • distribution of critical PPEs to municipalities, cities and provinces in Region 11.
At present, we assist in the implementation of the City Executive Order to contain the spread of COVID 19. We are maintaining 20 Quarantine Control Points in the city.

As we confront this difficult situation against an unseen enemy which is worse than terrorism, TF Davao renews its committment to be more responsive and relevant to the needs of Davaoeños.

“Keep Safe, Stay Home everyone!!!”

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