Thursday, April 16, 2020

Kalinaw News: JTFC rationalizes deployment of forces to cover more grounds for peace

Posted to Kalinaw News  (Apr 16, 2020): JTFC rationalizes deployment of forces to cover more grounds for peace (By 6th Infantry Division)

CAMP SIONGCO, Maguindanao – Rationalization in the deployment of forces will be implemented in the JTFC Joint Area of Operations.

The strategic move is in line with the intent of Higher Headquarters for the JTFC to expand its operational reach. The existing Joint Area of Operations will remain under the JTFC responsibility. However, new areas will be delegated by higher headquarters to the JTFC. Hence, there will be movements of forces and changes in the JTFC force structure but no areas will be vacated.

Joint Task Group Kutawato will be replaced by the 1st Marine Bde. The Bde, in collaboration with the different stakeholders in the area, shall assume the current mission and functions of JTGK. 1st Marine Brigade is ably commanded by a seasoned Marine Officer, BGen Jonas R Lumawag AFP In essence, forces within Cotabato city will be beefed-up in support to the Enhanced Community Quarantine that is being implemented in the city and its adjacent areas.

Deployment of forces in the additional areas that will be assumed by JTFC will be effected resulting from deliberate planning conducted by the Task Force. Forces will be employed in accordance with their capabilities and with the peace and security requirement in the area.

“I am optimistic that the rationalization in the deployment and employment of forces in the current and to the additional areas delegated to us by higher headquarters will provide for better Command and Control thereby enhancing our continuing initiatives to fight for peace and while effectively contributing to defeat COVID19” JTFC Commander, Maj. Gen Diosdado C Carreon AFP said. 

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