Sunday, April 26, 2020

Kalinaw News: Col Sison lauds NPA’s admission of IHL violation

Posted to Kalinaw News (Apr 26, 2020): Col Sison lauds NPA’s admission of IHL violation (By 3rd Infantry Division)

CAMP HERNANDEZ, Dingle, Iloilo- Col Marion Sison, the Commander of the Army’s 301st Infantry (Bayanihan) Brigade has acknowledged the NPA for admitting their IHL violation following the capture of 11 individuals including minors who were all members of the group during the recent encounter in Miag-ao.

In an interview on a local radio station in Antique, “Ka Ilyas”, the CTG’s spokesperson admitted that the encounter at Sitio Anoy, Barangay Cabalaunan, Miag-ao last April 18, was between their armed members and Army troops, but denied reports that they have been recruiting minors.

“This admission by the CTG’s validates the 301st Bde’s previous statement, that the captured individuals in the Miag-ao encounter were indeed members of the Communist Terrorist Group (CTGs), therefore corroborating our assertion that they were in clear violation of humanitarian laws, by using child warriors in armed hostilities,” said Col Sison.

“This admission already came straight from the horse’s mouth. They (CTG) just confirmed it though broadcast radio, when they are caught in the act, they are like an empty can , noisy but empty and it is not new to us,” the Brigade Commander added.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (PTF-ELCAC) in Antique Province also condemned the CTG’s nefarious acts of deceiving and recruiting minors for their armed struggle.

The PTF-ELCAC of Antique enjoined the Antiqueños to work hand in hand against the communist menace, and to show their love for their children, by guiding them into the right path.

“By strengthening the families, we create more secure communities. It is commendable that the Province of Antique sets a high standard of peace and security in the area. Through the PTF-ELCAC, the province manifested its sincerity to fight terrorism along with your Army and PNP. Let us not allow our children to be recruited by these terrorists! Their continued recruitment of minors as child warriors is a clear violation of the Children’s Right and the International Humanitarian Law,” Col Sison added.

Six (6) of the Eleven (11) captured have been properly turned over to the Philippine National Police, and cases have been filed against them, while the five (5) minors rescued from the clutches of the communist-terrorist group are now under the custody and protection of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)- Field Office VI.

In its press statement, the DSWD-6 assured that appropriate interventions will be provided to the five minors. The Agency also strongly condemned the NPA’s recruitment of minors for armed struggle.

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