Tuesday, November 26, 2019

IP clans in feud resolve conflict for lasting peace and development

From the Philippine Information Agency (Nov 26, 2019): IP clans in feud resolve conflict for lasting peace and development (By 26IB, Philippine Army)

TALACOGON, Agusan del Sur, Nov. 26 -- In order to promote and commit a just and lasting peace towards sustainable development in the community, two opposing clans had formally settled down and decided to end their strife through a peaceful resolution and unite to guarantee their support to Executive Order 70 in Barangay San Pedro, San Luis, Agusan del Sur on November 19, 2019.

Accordingly, said conflict between the Banwaon and Manobo Tribes had caused fatality from both sides that brought anxiety to the people, putting the whole community in a volatile peace and order situation in the past years hindering the development within the area.

For this reason, the Local Government Unit (LGU) and Municipal Tribal Council of San Luis, Agusan del Sur, facilitated and organized the conduct of settlement for the two clans in conflict through a peaceful resolution in accordance with the tribe’s customary laws.

“Sisim Ha Lido,” native term for “peace concord,” which legally based on Indigenous People’s Right Act (IPRA) of 1997, Chapter IV, Sec. 15 states that: “The IPs shall have the rights to use their own commonly accepted justice system in conflict resolution institutions, peacebuilding processes or mechanism and other customary laws and practices within their respective communities and as may be compatible with the National Legal System and with internationally recognized human rights.”

Wilfredo Napungahan alias “Datu Makabanhaw,” the Municipal Tribal Chieftain of Banwaon Tribe of San Luis, served as the mediator for the two tribes. The said settlement was also witnessed by the municipal Vice-Mayor Ronaldo Corvera; Municipal Tribal Chieftain, Raul Minglana alias “Datu Tumawan”; commanding officer of 26th Infantry Battalion, Lt.Col. Romeo Jimenea; and representatives from the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), Barangay Indigenous People Mandatory Representative (IPMR) from adjacent barangays, and the local populace of Barangay San Pedro.

In his message, the municipal tribal chieftain of Manobo Tribe in San Luis, Raul Minglana commended on how the justice system of the IPs, in accordance with the IPRA Law is being implemented. “For me, this action only proves that the Trial Court of the tribe is the best Trial Court of the whole nation in dealing with this kind of situation among the IPs in conflict. Less hassle, less time and money spent, and with immediate result,” he bared.

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Corvera expressed his full support and gave blessing to the said activity especially to the involved clans. He further said that putting an end to the conflict will pave a way for the development outcomes in the barangay. “We have to forgive and forget the past in order to move on. Because if hatred in our hearts will reign, this will affect our daily lives and our tranquil way of living,” he said.

Likewise, LTC Jimenea also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the facilitators who initiated the said settlement. He also said that the Philippine Army will always give its full support in the promotion of peaceful and binding settlement of conflict. He also gave a piece of advice for the involved clans. “As the newly settled clans, it is now your responsibility to maintain the peace within yourselves, however for those who are not serious of this settlement, may I remind you that this is not for us, but rather, for the future of our next generations,” he added.

“Because of this clan conflict, the communist terrorist New People’s Army took advantage in making the situation worse. But now that the two parties had settled, the lasting peace in this community will start and for sure, sustainable development will follow through EO 70 with the cooperation of the local populace,” ended Jimenea.

The activity culminated with the signing of peace resolutions from both parties and sealed their actions through the exchange of pot and bolo knife as a symbol of moving on and to continue to live in a normal way as part of their tribal customs and traditions. (1Lt. Percival Carido, CMO officer, 26IB/ PIA-Agusan del Sur)


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