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Kalinaw News: New Army Company Commander assumes post in Surigao del Norte

Posted to Kalinaw News (Aug 1, 2019): New Army Company Commander assumes post in Surigao del Norte

New Army Company Commander assumes post in Surigao del Norte 1

New Army Company Commander assumes post in Surigao del Norte 2

New Army Company Commander assumes post in Surigao del Norte 3

New Army Company Commander assumes post in Surigao del Norte 5

Placer, Surigao del Norte – The Charlie (Crasher) Company of the 30th Infantry (Python) Battalion (30IB) has a new Company Commander in the person of 1st Lieutenant Christian Elpedes who replaced 1st Lieutenant Gabby Ladyong last Sunday, July 28 during a turnover ceremony presided by 30IB Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey A Villarosa at Brgy Diaz, San Francisco,Surigao del Norte.

1Lt Christian Elpedes formally assumed the command of the Charlie Company in a simple change of command ceremony. 1Lt Elpedes replaced 1lt Gabby Ladyong who was also given a higher position in the battalion.

Under his leadership, 1Lt Gabby Ladyong effectively led the “Crashers” and was able to facilitate the surrender of a certain Communist Terrorist Leader (CTL) alyas Noname of Sandataang Yunit Pampropaganda 16B (SYP16B), Guerilla Front (GF) 16, North Eastern Mindanao Committee (NEMRC) during the conduct of the Community Support Program (CSP) in his area of operation (AO). Said neutralization snow-balled to the surrender of CPP cadres, militia ng bayan (MB) members, and other Underground Mass Organization (UGMO) members in mostly Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA) and Conflict-Affected Areas (ConAA) in Malimono, San Francisco, Sison and Surigao City all of Surigao del Norte. He was able to successfully conduct four (4) youth leadership seminars, an activity that greatly enhanced the youth-participants’ awareness of the lies and deceit during their (CNTs) recruitment. He was able to conduct ten (10) tree planting/growing activities in the different barangays in his area of operation (AO) in coordination with different stakeholders. He was also able to successfully conduct ten (10) live-in seminars, an activity that not just provide CNT recruitment, extortion and atrocity awareness, but
also provides awareness of the evils and dangers of the use of illegal drugs.

In his relinquishment speech, 1Lt Ladyong said, “I am sincerely thankful to the excellent support and performance of the Charlie “Crashers” during my tour of duty.

My profound gratitude also goes to our wonderful partners for peace, the Local Government Units in my AO led by their very vibrant Local Chief Executives, the different subordinate offices of the National Government Agencies, and the different Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and People’s Organization (PO) in my AO. I urge you to continue to extend the same warmth and support to my very able successor”.

In his assumption speech, 1Lt Elpedes said, “I am thankful for the trust and confidence given to me by the leadership of 30IB. I will be more than pleased to carry on the gargantuan task of ridding Charlie Company’s AO of the menace of the CNTs”.

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Jeffrey A Villarosa, the Guest Speaker and the Presiding Officer said of the turnover ceremony stated, “Please help me welcome our new Company Commander. I have heard plenty of good things about him both in the area of resource management and operations. I am confident that, like his predecessor, he will be able to lead the Crashers to new heights and will be able to help 30IB accomplish its mission in Surigao del Norte and Dinagat Island Province (DIP)”.

Christian is a member of Officer Candidate Course “Gandilan” class of 44-2015. He is also former enlisted personnel with a rank of airman second class (A2C) of Philippine Airforce equivalent to Private First Class of Philippine Army from 2012-2014 before he became an officer of the army.

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