Thursday, October 5, 2017

Negros task force to review anti-terror, crisis management plans

From the Philippine News Agency (Oct 6): Negros task force to review anti-terror, crisis management plans

The Joint Task Force on Security codenamed Leon Kilat of Negros Oriental will review and improve its structure and security plan following learning experiences from Thursday’s seminar on terrorism and crisis management by the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

In an interview after a whole-day seminar, Task Force Leon Kilat Executive Director Bimbo Miraflor said their group would look into the methods and the learning experiences shared by the FBI to determine what is applicable, can be adopted and innovated in the local scenario.
Miraflor said the task force would deliberate on ways to “fill in some gaps after assessing the roles and responsibilities of the JTF as far as the maintenance of peace and order."

About 100 participants, comprising representatives from law enforcement and the civilian sector attended the one-day seminar on international terrorism and crisis management, conducted by the Office of the US Legal Attaché and the FBI based at the US Embassy in Manila.

During a series of modules presented in the seminar, the FBI officials said some novelties need to be addressed by law enforcement agencies, which Miraflor acknowledged.

“Most security personnel here are looking at the usual procedures”, he said, pointing out that many are not keeping an eye or are aware of the new methods being employed by the terrorists.

The FBI lecturers cited as an example that of the Inabanga, Bohol incident where members of the extremist Maute Group had penetrated that Central Visayas province from Mindanao via the sea.

“With the help of the FBI we will have a very solid ground for us to develop some initiatives” to further strengthen the province’s security contingency plan and disaster response, Miraflor said.

Miraflor said a meeting of the Joint Task Force Leon Kilat will be held in the coming weeks to discuss potential areas for review and revision.

During the seminar, the FBI discussed and shared multiple scenarios on terrorist attacks and crisis management and response.

They highlighted the need for cooperation between and among law enforcement agencies and the private sector.

The US Embassy officials also assured their counterparts here on law enforcement of their support and cooperation on intelligence gathering and investigation of interest to both countries.

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