Sunday, June 11, 2017

Muslim Filipinos not receptive to Maute Group ideologies

From the Philippine News Agency (Jun 10): Muslim Filipinos not receptive to Maute Group ideologies

The extremism idealogies being espoused by the ISIS-inspired Maute Group does not sit well with the Muslim Filipinos who have grown up in the peaceful and just teachings of traditional Islam.

This was bared by Dr. Rohan Gunaratna, a Singaporean analyst on security affairs during PTV-4's Countering Violent Extremism Forum Friday.

"You can see that when (the Maute Group) went to (attack) Marawi City, the (residents) there were shocked by ISIS. They did not follow ISIS. So I believe that ISIS is trying to force their ideology and their doctrine and their methods of operation in the Philippines and there is a lot of resistance from the Filipino Muslims," he noted.

The Maute Group and ISIS idealogies are based on Wahabism which is defined as an ultra-conservative form of Islam that calls for the harsh and stringent teachings of the Koran and justifies punishments for those who don't.

During their May 23 attack, videos circulating in the Internet shows Maute Group terrorists pillaging and vandalizing churches, executing police officers, and generally creating mayhem.

Aside from the videos, there are reports claiming that these lawless elements segregated Christians and executed them regardless of age and sex.

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