Tuesday, May 23, 2017

NDF/NDF-FSMR: NDF-FSMR salutes the Lumad masses’ armed resistance against DMCI

Propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front Website (May 22): NDF-FSMR salutes the Lumad masses’ armed resistance against DMCI

The National Democratic Front – Far South Mindanao Region salutes the armed resistance of the Lumad masses in Sultan Kudarat against the atrocious infringement of the David M. Consunji Incorporated (DMCI) at the Daguma Mountain Range ─ the home of the Dulangan-Manobo, Tiruray and Lambiangan tribes.

At least 13 paramilitaries were killed and a number were injured in the recent series of attacks carried out by the tribal warriors against Consunji’s private army and the 38th IB-SCAA functioning as DMCI paid guards. These actions are an attestation of the Lumad’s determination in their vow to fight greedy landgrabber-burgeoise comprador Consunji “to the very end.”

Consunji have uncompromisingly attempted to eradicate the Lumads by dispossessing them and arrogating all the natural resources in their ancestral land. The DMCI has been deceiving them with empty promises of development. And with the Armed Forces of the Philippines in its employ, have militarized their communities so that the Lumads have become virtual prisoners in their own lands. The ferocious crimes committed by DMCI and its armed minions are a blatant and grave breach of the indigenous people’s rights and the laws espousing the protection of human rights. Furthermore, it unambiguously hounds the rights and the life and being of the Lumad minorities especially the young victims.

The wicked and spiteful killings of Lumad leaders and activists these past few months add up to the lengthy list of violations and bloody crimes perpetrated by DMCI against the Lumad people. Never would the innocent victims put behind these fierceful attacks meted out against them.

The Lumads have no other recourse but to fight back. And this gives them no other option but to take up arms and target the company’s armed components. The DMCI who is the real tyrant behind the ploys and the paid executors of these crimes are accountable and must be punished for the recurring offenses, injuries, and injustices they wreak onto the innocent Lumads.

Ka Efren Aksasato, Spokesperson
NDFP Far South Mindanao


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