Sunday, October 18, 2015

MILF: CSOs, NGOs pay “Peace Visit to Bangsamoro” at Camp Darapanan

Posted to the MILF Website (Oct 18): CSOs, NGOs pay “Peace Visit to Bangsamoro” at Camp Darapanan

CSOs, NGOs pay “Peace Visit to Bangsamoro” at Camp Darapanan

Officers and representatives of different organizations paid visit dubbed as “Peace visit to Bangsamoro” to the leadership of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) at its administrative base in Camp Darapanan, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao on October 15.

Delegates comes from the Initiative for International Dialogue (IID), Mindanao Peace Weavers (MPW), All Out Peace (AOP), Mindanao People’s Caucus (MPC), SALIGAN, Lanao Peace Partners (LPP), Mindanao Solidarity Network (MSN), Balay Rehab,  Peace Advocates Zamboanga (PAZ), Mindanao People’s Peace Movement (MPPM), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Agong Peace Network, ICON-SP, Mindanao Peace Building Institute  (MPI), Peacebuilders Community, and the Women Engaged in Action on 1325 (WEAct).

Mr. Gus Miclat headed the delegation and acted as facilitator during the meeting between the CSO/NGO delegation and the MILF leadership. The purpose of visit is to manifest their support to the peace process and their concerns about the passage of BBL.

During the meeting, both parties have weaved ideas on how best to support and pursue moves that may contribute in resolving Mindanao conflict. The delegation despite belonging to different organizations has one common dream that someday they may feel and see a peaceful, and developing community to live in.

The CSOs and NGOs also committed to continue their advocacy for the advancement of peace and the peace process as the MILF leadership considers them as important partners in the search for lasting peace and prosperity in the Bangsamoro.

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