Tuesday, February 3, 2015

PHL planning to acquire ISR, HADR, lift equipment from Japan

From the Philippine News Agency (Feb 3): PHL planning to acquire ISR, HADR, lift equipment from Japan

The Philippines is also planning to acquire equipment from Japan that will beef up its ISR, HADR and lift capability.

ISR refers to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance while HADR stands for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Defense spokesperson Dr. Peter Paul Galvez in a message to the PNA said this is in the wake that the Philippines and Japan is planning to boost their bilateral defense ties.

He added that this was contained in the memorandum signed by both countries last January.

Last Jan. 31, the Department of National Defense and Japan's Ministry of Defense issued a statement that Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and Minister Nakatani "concurred" on, among others, "to explore a possibility of cooperation in the area of defense equipment and technology."

The two countries "will start working-level discussions" on the matter.

Navy spokesman Col. Edgard Arevalo said Monday that the force submitted to DND Assistant Secretary for Plans and Programs Danilo Augusto Francia on December 26 a list of assets it plans to acquire from Japan.


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