Saturday, July 19, 2014

CPP/NPA: NPA punishes two members of BULIF in Butuan City

NPA propaganda statement posted to the CPP Website (Jul 14): NPA punishes two members of BULIF in Butuan City

Omar Ibarra
Western Agusan Norte-Agusan Sur Sub-Regional Command (Western Agusan Norte-Agusan Sur Sub-Regional Command)

The New People’s Army under the Western Agusan Norte-Agusan Sur (NPA-WANAS) Sub-regional Command launched two punitive actions in Butuan City in July 13, 2014. Loloy Odioma and Eddie Cagat, both notorious members of the paramilitary group, Bungkatol Liberation Front (BULIF).

Loloy Odioma, a resident of Stanpoler, Brgy. Manila de Bugabos, Butuan City, was a landgrabber, drug-smuggler and has perpetrated two murders. As a minion of Datu Bawang, the lider of BULIF, he trod without hesitation on three families whose lands he seized, depriving them of their livelihood. He also killed two defenseless civilians, one of whom a child of seven years, in Km. 1, Brgy. Tungao, Butuan City. Aware of his counterrevolutionary acts, Odioma all the more attached himself to BULIF which is being used by the reactionary armed forces against the NPA and the revolutionary people.

At the masses plea, and after a long and detailed investigation by representatives of the people’s revolutionary government, an NPA team punished Loloy Odioma in July 13.

Meanwhile, Eddie Cagat, a resident of Tul-od, Brgy. Tungao, has also committed great crimes against the revolutionary movement. Aside from being an active member of BULIF and organizing criminal elements in the village to counter the movement, he was also a landgrabber. He has violated the rights of two families whose lands he is interested in. Cagat is a purok leader in their area but only because of his neighbor’s fear of him. Cagat also spearheaded a raid against the NPA in Davao, which resulted in the death of a Red fighter.

Also on July 13, around 5:00 PM, Eddie Cagat was killed by an NPA team.

There are many more who, like Odioma and Cagat, have committed great crimes against the people. In fact, the greatest crime of all is that being committed against the whole Filipino nation by the plundering foreign capitalists and despotic landlords and unscrupulous compradors represented by the Pork Barrel king, Benigno Aquino, himself. But only the revolutionary movement will gradually serve justice to their victims. And social justice will only be obtained when we have defeated the AFP and PNP who defend the exploiters, when we have established the genuine democratic people’s government.

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