Monday, April 8, 2013

Authorities foil bombing in Basilan province

From the Philippine News Agency (Apr 8): Authorities foil bombing in Basilan province

A bombing attempt on a business establishment in Isabela City, Basilan province was foiled when an improvised bomb was discovered before it exploded on Monday morning.

Isabela City police commander Supt. Albert Larubis said combined police and military explosive ordinance demolition (EOD) personnel safely diffused the improvised bomb around 8:30 a.m. Monday.

Larubis said the improvised bomb was discovered when a worker saw a white plastic bag containing electrical wires at the building rented by the Philippine Motor Incorporated, a motorcycle display center, in Barangay East Side, Isabela City.

Larubis said the worker immediately reported to the building owner who, in turn, reported to the police.

The police and military EOD personnel “conducted the render safe procedure and were able to successfully diffuse the IED (improvise explosive device),” he said.

Recovered were a pipe containing trinitrotoluene (TNT), silicon control rectifier, a nine-volt battery and an improvise blasting cap, he said.

Larubis said he placed the police force on alert status to thwart any bombing attempt in Isabela City.

Larubis urged residents to be calm but vigilant by immediately reporting the presence of people acting suspiciously in their community.

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