Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Philippine Army needs para-military forces to fight insurgents

From the Philippine Information Agency (May 12, 2020): Philippine Army needs para-military forces to fight insurgents (By Samuel D. Candido)

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BORONGAN CITY, May 11 (PIA) -- The 78th Infantry Battalion of Philippine Army (PA) based in Brgy. Dao, Oras, Eastern Samar is now accepting para-military forces to serve as Special Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit Active Auxiliary (SCAA) to assist the army in its fight against insurgents.

Lt. Col. Jay Pascua, an army officer said that the new SCAA were formerly known as CAFGUs. Their primary mission is to perform the mandate of protecting the interest of Local Government Units (LGUs) and counter the threats of terrorism.

The SCAA will receive P6,500 allowance from the government as an incentive for their services in securing peace in the community.

During the meeting called by Borongan City Mayor Jose Ivan Dayan C. Agda, the army officer announced that they are in need of civilian volunteers to serve like the military.

Applicants must be 18-54 years old, preferably residents of Brgy. Amantacop, Canyopay and San Mateo and nearby barangays.

They must also be willing to be trained for 45 days.

Qualified applicants should accomplish the following, a properly filled up Personal Data Sheet with 1x1 photo, barangay clearance, police clearance, PSA Birth Certificate, diploma from the highest educational attainment, and a recommendation from the Mayor.

Applicants may submit their requirements at the barangay hall or the office of the City Mayor.

The army officer added that the SCAA force is really a big help because they have knowledge of the terrain, and they are the direct contacts in the community.

SCAAs have also the advantage in protecting their barangays from outside threats as they are more familiar with their own community.

“We need SCAAs in disseminating information especially the programs of the government for the development of the people, so that these innocent people are more informed, if these innocent civilian do not have the proper knowledge and information, they can be easily recruited by the terrorist groups,” Lt. Col. Pascua said.

City Mayor Agda proposed to the City Peace and Order Council that SCAAs be given benefits after serving for 15 years or after retirement. (nbq/SDC/PIA-E. Samar)

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