Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Military: Duterte’s P2M bounty for top Red leaders ‘good news’

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer (May 12, 2020): Military: Duterte’s P2M bounty for top Red leaders ‘good news’ (By: Frances Mangosing)

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Tuesday (May 12) welcomed President Rodrigo Duterte’s offer of P2 million in reward for the capture of top communist rebel leaders.

“Good news for the AFP,” said AFP Chief Gen. Felimon Santos Jr.

He said the reward from Duterte would add to funds for rewards for informants. “This will bring in more informants,” said Santos.

Santos was asked to comment on Duterte’s statement earlier in the day about his new bounty offer.

“If you’re able to kill a commander or point where a commander slept, just tell me and there’s P2 million for you as long as it’s top commander,” Duterte said on Tuesday.

The President gave assurance the informant would be treated as a witness and protected.

“I will relocate you. Because if not, you really will be killed,” Duterte said in Filipino. “If that happens, those who squeal, you will be given a new identity like in the witness protection program,” he said.

In April, Duterte declared he would no longer engage in peace talks with the rebels after attacks were reported on soldiers involved in COVID-19 relief work.

He even threatened to declare martial law if communist rebels would continue their attacks.


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