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Kalinaw News: Army facilitates peace agreement between Barangays long years dispute in SurSur

Posted to Kalinaw News (May 13, 2020): Army facilitates peace agreement between Barangays long years dispute in SurSur (By 4th Infantry Division)

BISLIG CITY, Surigao del Sur-Camp Jaime N Ferrer Sr, Brgy Maharlika, Bislig City (Stn) – The 75th Infantry “Marauder” Battalion and the Local Government Units (LGUs) facilitated the Peace Agreement between the two (2) neighboring Barangays with unsettled dispute for years in Ugoban Gym, Brgy Ugoban, Tagbina, Surigao del Sur on May 09, 2020.

The Brgy Marfil of the municipality of Rosario, Agusan del Sur and Brgy. Hinagdanan of Tagbina, SDS settled the dispute through the Peace Agreement facilitated by the Commanding Officer himself, Lieutenant Colonel Warren C Munda, and attended by Ms. Reygela M. Decalit, Office of the President-Presidential Management Staff (OP-PMS) Caraga Region; Honorable Generoso Naraiso, Municipal Mayor of Tagbina; Hon. Corcodio Ocite, Vice-Mayor of Rosario; Mr. Roel Camba, Municipal Local Government Operations Officer (MLGOO) of Tagbina; Ms. Reyna L. Naguita, MLGOO of Rosario; Brgy Council of Ugoban headed by Hon. Edwin P. Soberano, Brgy Chairman; Brgy Council of Hinagdanan headed by Hon. Carlos P. Luchavez, Brgy Chairman; Brgy Council of Marfil headed by Hon. Maria Fe B Montilla, Brgy Chairwoman; personnel from the Municipal Police Station of Rosario; and the local media of SDS.

During the open forum, Brgy. Chairman Luchavez and Montilla expressed all their sentiments for the attendees, LGUs, representatives and other concerned parties to have a knowledge about the conflict between the two Barangays.

It was aggravated when one of the residents, under emergency situation was not allowed to pass through the boundary road due to a lack of documents showed at Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) checkpoint. Other issues and concerns were also brought up such as their water supply, quarrying, and land titling but were addressed by the MLGOO of the respective municipality and their Local Chief Executives (LCEs).

Mr. Camba and Ms. Naguita expressed their gratitude to 75IB for facilitating the activity to resolve the conflict between the two Brgys together with the LGUs who attended the peace agreement.

“Even we live to different Barangays from different localities, still we belong to one government. We are interdependent with each other as we need and we cannot live without the other.” Mr. Camba said.

Further, Mayor Naraiso was also grateful for the time and effort of 75IB in initiating the activity. “A small conflict could be harmful and dangerous. And we must take appropriate action on every detail to resolve the conflict. Communication is a must for us to understand and appreciate each other.” Mayor Naraiso said.

In her message, Ms. Decalit said, “Communication is the key to peace and unity. You’ve been all elected by the people in your respective community as their Brgy Officials to lead them. You are their foundation which has the authority and responsibility to lead towards a progressive and peaceful community. Find ways to reach out one another and be able to give and forgive.” Ms. Decalit ended.

Moreover, all Brgy. Officials of Marfil and Hinagdanan have signed during the Peace Agreement during the Ceremonial signing which both parties agreed to take full responsibility in settlement of past, present, and future conflicts through peaceful means.

Hence, Lt. Col. Munda was also grateful for the effort and presence of the LGUs and the concerned Brgy Councils who attended the activity who sincerely wanted to end the conflict.

“It is vital that we settle the conflict especially that we are facing this pandemic. It is time to establish a good relationship not only among the constituent but to the adjacent Brgys, Municipalities, and even Provinces because we are one towards sustainable peace and development.” Lt. Col. Munda stated.

The Philippine Army, as a peace advocate, ensures all factors that would contribute to a just, sustainable, and lasting peace towards development have been considered and responded. The local leaders and the people in the community must be empowered for them to directly involve in peace-building initiatives and conflict resolution.

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