Friday, November 1, 2019

AFP-CRS: Communists NPA Terrorists : Obstacles to IPs progress

Posted to the Armed Forces of the Philippines-Civil Relations Service (AFP-CRS) Facebook Page (Oct 31, 2019): Communists NPA Terrorists : Obstacles to IPs progress

"The CNTs are the obstacle of the IPs progress! They capitalized on destroying traditional leadership that IPs built, separate families and make the tribes fight each other. Hence, I call on all IP leaders and its members to unite and overcome this ploy of the CNTs and together let us end insurgency, resolve our internal rift and do not surrender your aspiration to pursue peace and development for your communities. Rest assured, you have the 100 percent commitment and support of the Army”, -Col Licudine

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#AFPyoucanTRUST #SupportOurTroops

[The Civil Relations Service (CRS) is the unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) that engages the public through its public information and community relations programs “to create a favorable atmosphere between the community and the AFP. The CRS is the equivalent of the Psychological Operations and Civil Affairs units of the US Army.]

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