Saturday, August 31, 2019

IP leaders unmask red propaganda in US trip

From the Philippine Information Agency (Aug 31, 2019): IP leaders unmask red propaganda in US trip

File photo of a peace rally in Talaingod, several IP leaders went to the United States to unmask communist propaganda as the US is one of the sources of funding for the insurgency.

DAVAO CITY, (PIA)- Two leaders from the Mindanao Indigenous Peoples Council of Elders and Leaders (MIPCEL) and Mindanao Indigenous Peoples Youth Organizations (MIPYO), respectively, presented to the Sangguniang Panglungsod of Davao recent efforts in clarifying the rebel propaganda and its machinery during their trip to the United States.

Ramon Bayaan, representing the Mindanao Indigenous Peoples Council of Elders and Chary Balinan of the Mindanao Indigenous Peoples Youth together with several local datus and Atty. Geroncio Aguio, director of the National Commission on the Indigenous Peoples XI sought audience with the SP and the Office of Acting City Mayor Sebastian Duterte to convey their effort to clarify to the American Society and the United Nations the impact of the communist insurgency to their communities in the hinterlands.

The two leaders were members of the truth ambassadors who visited five states in the United States of America and two agencies of the United Nations to shed light on the alleged excesses of the communist rebels and their cohorts on the IP communities.

Bayaan said their effort called, “Breaking the Silence, Telling the Truth,” was prompted by the killings of their members reaching as many as one thousand.

He said the United States being one of the sources of funds of the communist insurgency, must know abuses committed by the communist rebels on the IP communities.

“We told their fund supporters in the US that their financial contribution was not used correctly but for purchasing weapons and bullets to sow terror to the IP communities,” Bayaan said.

He said 17 cases of atrocities against the IPs were submitted to the United Nations Commission for the Human Rights and the UN Permanent Forum for the Indigenous Peoples in New York City for investigation.

“It is ironic that in the Philippines, they shout against the U.S. and even called our leaders as puppets of the US government in their rallies. We have discovered that in the United States, the communist movement claims that the Philippine Government oppresses the Indigenous Peoples, so that they can get financial support,” Bayaan said.

Balinan for her part said they were able to deliver the message that the IPs are not the beneficiaries of the fund-raising activities conducted by the cohorts of the rebels in the US but for the rebel organization who destroys the culture of the IPs in Mindanao.

She discovered the vast fund sources of the rebels in the US. Balinan said that the Salugpungan International which established an office in San Francisco, California is operating without the knowledge of the person who founded the school- Datu Gibang Apuga of Talaingod, Davao del Norte.

She says these organizations declare that they advocate for the IPs, but the truth states otherwise. (Joey Sem Dalumpines/PIAXI)

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