Sunday, August 4, 2019

9 soldiers injured in southern Philippine clashes

From Xinhua (Aug 4, 2019): 9 soldiers injured in southern Philippine clashes

Nine members of the elite Philippine Scout Rangers have been wounded in clashes with Abu Sayyaf terrorists in the remote boondocks of Sulu province in the southern Philippines, the military said on Sunday.

The military said clashes broke out around 8:25 a.m. on Saturday in the mountain village of Lagasan near the boundaries of the towns of Maimbung and Parang.

According to the military, the initial fighting broke out while troops were on combat operation. Up to 15 members of the Abu Sayyaf fighters reportedly fired on the troops, triggering a 15-minute firefight. The terrorists reportedly fled the scene.

However, more fighting ensued as another group of soldiers blocked the fleeing terrorists, the military said.

The military claimed “an undetermined number” of Abu Sayyaf fighters were also wounded in the clashes.

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