Tuesday, August 6, 2019

5 killed, 2 hurt in Basilan town shootout

From the Philippine News Agency (Aug 6, 2019): 5 killed, 2 hurt in Basilan town shootout

Google map of Sumisip town, Basilan province

Five people, including two militiamen and a barangay chairperson, were killed when a supposed settlement of “rido” ended up violently in Basilan province, the military reported Tuesday.

A report from the Army’s 64th Infantry Battalion said the incident occurred around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday at the Central Sumisip barangay hall in Sumisip, Basilan.

At least two people were also wounded during the shootout, the military said.

The military identified the fatalities as the following: Nulphy Norin Taalil and Hasil Baakal, both militiamen of Central Sumisip; Abdulhassan Issek, barangay chairperson of Guiong; Hassan Muslimin Barillo of Central Sumisip; and, Kinning Immo of Guiong village.

The wounded victims were identified as Marjim Barillo, barangay chairperson of Guiong, and Ayog Baakal.

Investigation showed that the protagonists gathered at the barangay hall of Central Sumisip to settle the feud between the families of Taalil and Baakal.

However, a shootout ensued when Taalil, Baakal, Issek and Barillio (Marjim) drew their firearms after a heated argument broke out.

Sumisip Mayor Jul-adnan Hataman also confirmed the shootout, adding he immediately called on military and police officials for an emergency meeting to discuss the incident.

Hataman said military and police personnel were placed on alert to avert the escalation of violence as families and followers of both parties involved were “seen armed and wanting to exact revenge”.


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