Thursday, May 30, 2019

PMA grad tells youth to be more discerning in joining groups

From the Philippine News Agency (May 30, 2019): PMA grad tells youth to be more discerning in joining groups

Philippine Military Academy (PMA) graduate Mark Ivan Genosa

Saying most movements pushing for the country's development are tainted with greed for power, Mark Ivan Genosa urged the Filipino youth to be more discerning in joining organizations.

Genosa, a 22-year-old fresh graduate of the Philippine Military Academy who opted to join the Philippine Army, said the youth should select groups which show their concern and devotion for the country and the Filipino people.

"I am discouraging the youth from joining such groups because this is the only peaceful means of ending insurgency,” said Genosa from Taguig in an interview with the Philippine News Agency (PNA).

“Tackling this problem from its grassroots, which is recruitment, will be a win-win situation for the Filipino people," he added.

Genosa stressed there are many ways through which the youth, and every Filipino, could do to show patriotism like paying the right taxes, sharing and helping each other, disposing garbage properly, and teaching the uneducated.

He said staging rallies and resorting to wars are useless because it often results in deaths and injuries and destroy the nation’s peace.

"Unang-una, hindi naman naiiba ang dugong nananalaytay sa atin, lahat tayo ay Pilipino. (First of all, we’re all Filipinos),” Genosa said.

He said money being spent for war should instead be used for other programs which will address the problems of the country.

“Ngunit, dahil na nga sa pangambang dala ng bayolenteng pakikibaka, walang magawa ang pamahalaan kung hindi unahin ang kapayapaan at kaayusan ng bansa (But because of the fears brought by violent struggles, the government has no choice but to prioritize the peace and order of the country)," Genosa said.

Unlike in their five trainings in the PMA, Genosa said this time, they have no luxury to commit mistakes when dealing with insurgencies.

"Bawal ang magkamali, dahil kung sa akademya, ay may demerits at touring hours, sa labas, wala na. Buhay mo or buhay ng mga tropa mo na ang kapalit. (We can’t afford to make mistakes because if inside the academy, you have demerits and touring hours, in the battlefield, there's none. A single mistake will cost your life or your troops’ lives)," he added.

Genosa emphasized the importance of making the youth understand that warfare is not the right way to resolve conflicts and instead push for reforms and development of the country.

"Sapat na ang mga diskusyon, debate, o pagsusulat upang maiparating ang kung anumang gusto nilang sabihin, huwag na huwag sumali sa mga kilusang ang hangad lamang ay kapangyarihan. (Discussions, debates or writing to air their grievances are enough. Don’t ever join the movements whose goal is power),” he said.

Citing the country has not truly flourished in the past 50 years, Genosa urged the youth to support the government's various projects and contribute to the country's growth in a positive way.

"Hindi ko talaga ginustong magsundalo. Marahil, ang pagiging sundalo ko ang paraan ng Panginoon upang maibalik ko ang aking utang na loob sa mga Pilipino (I really didn't plan to become a soldier. Maybe, being a soldier is God's way for me to show my debt of gratitude to the Filipinos)," he said.

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