Thursday, August 2, 2018

Philippine indigenous rocket program back on track

From Update Philippines (Aug 3): Philippine indigenous rocket program back on track

United Defense of the Philippines can confirm that this was DOST Balik Scientist and former US Naval aviator Leo Madrid Almazan. The Indigenous Rocket program is back on track.

UDP was granted more information by Leo Madrid Almazan regarding the planned indigenous rocket program and here is what he has to say:

“There will be two groups, the Rocket (Aero/Mechanical) and Sensor/Electronics side (ECE). The plan is to too test launch 5 rockets (1 meter to 2 meters in height first). the first test will just test the solid propellant engine. The second will be a 1 meter rocket with basic sensors (temperature/pressure/altitude). The third will be just under 2 meters long with full sensors including GPS and single parachute recovery. The fourth will be the same length but with dual parachute system. Then the fifth is a 10ft rocket. It is a sounding rocket for weather study.

I will have public releases as we go forward.

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