Monday, July 10, 2017

MNLF execs in Palawan gives 100% rating for PRRD's 2nd year

From the Philippine News Agency (Jul 10): MNLF execs in Palawan gives 100% rating for PRRD's 2nd year

A high-level leader of a Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) faction in Palawan on Monday gave President Rodrigo Duterte’s second year in office the highest rating of 100% for its goal to bring lasting peace in conflict-ridden Mindanao and in the Philippines through federalism.

MNLF top-ranking leader Estino Jairie Ayyobie, whose group is in league with former Sulu governor Yusoph Jikiri, said President Duterte’s aspiration to shift to a federal form of government has brought “hope” to him and the people of Mindanao, “who are already tired of conflicts.”

“Federalism is a conflict-reducing mechanism among different political groups, like us, as it countenances the enactment of some laws below the national level. And because of his sincere campaign for the federal type of government, we became hopeful that at last, peace will now come to us. For me, I give him 100%,” Ayyobie said.

Under federalism, President Duterte’s leadership can entirely focus on issues about foreign policy and national defense, and leave regional concerns to local government units, he said.

“Problems on health, on education, environment, transportation, and the likes – the autonomous states like the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), can decide for solutions on their own without bothering MalacaƱang,” he said.

The senior MNLF leader in Palawan furthered that he was giving President Duterte the high mark, particularly after he accepted their bloc’s offer of creating the MNLF Anti-Kidnapping and Anti-Terrorism Task Force (AKATTF).

"This only means he is a leader who is ready to put his trust on them to curb kidnapping and terrorism not only in the ARMM area, but the rest of the country," he said.

The AKATTF, which was officially launched on July 1 and is composed of former MNLF combatants in Barangay Pasil, Indanan, Sulu, will reportedly “clear its communities of all criminal elements.”

“This task force will work to help the government prevent kidnappings and extremism acts from being perpetrated by these terrorists by not allowing them to have access to MNLF areas where they can hide and seek support from us,” Ayyobie stated.

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