Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wescom: ready for deployment in conflict areas

From the Philippine Information Agency (Jun 1): Wescom: ready for deployment in conflict areas

The AFP Western Command is prepared to send reinforcements to Marawi City when the need arises.

"Western Command remains on heightened alert, as it has always been in the past few months, against any threat group in the Province of Palawan. This Command is also on alert and in coordination with other AFP units and other law enforcement agencies in Mindanao should there be a need to reinforce our troops there and to deny access to the enemies of the state from entering Palawan," Wescom said in a statement issued early this week.

The Command likewise appealed to the public to "remain calm and vigilant" and urged to them "to provide information or incident that may be related to safety and security."

Meanwhile, the military managing the recovery of Marawi City said clearing operations continues in a number of sections where remnants of the Maute group are believed to be hiding.

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