Thursday, June 1, 2017

3,000 MNLF members in Davao ready to augment gov't troops in Marawi

From the Philippine News Agency (May 31):  3,000 MNLF members in Davao ready to augment gov't troops in Marawi

The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) is ready to deploy 3,000 of its forces in Davao City to augment government forces in flushing out members of the Maute terror group in Marawi City.

Rolando Olamit, the head of the MNLF in Davao, said they are just waiting for guidance from MNLF founding chair Nur Misuari and the Armed Forces of the Philippines, stressing that they were ready to help even at the start of the government’s campaign against the Abu Sayyaf Group.
“Dugay na mi gusto motabang sa ASG pa lang (We always wanted to help in crushing even the ASG),” Olamit told reporters during Wednesday’s AFP-PNP press briefing at the Royal Mandaya Hotel.

Olamit revealed that MNLF Davao has "more or less 3,000 forces, excluding supporters and sympathizers."

For now, Olamit said, they are helping in the monitoring of areas in Davao to prevent the entry of terrorists, especially along the city’s coastal areas. They are also gathering information about people entering the city.

Olamit said they are not immediately ready to receive members or evacuees from Marawi unless they are assured of their background, noting that they need to first verify the background of these people.

The Muslim communities here have been active in verifying and profiling their constituents so that they can vouch for their identity.

Randy Usman , deputy mayor for Maranao community, said the deputy mayors of the six Muslim tribes have been meeting and coordinating since the implementation of martial law, "seeing to it that the city will not be infiltrated by terrorists."

He assured that members of their community "will not make any trouble in the city."

But contrary to Olamit, Usman said they are ready to receive displaced families from Marawi in consideration of their difficult situation there.

"People should welcome them (evacuees) because they experienced trauma from the war in their area," he said.

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