Monday, June 26, 2017

Philippine military needs main battle tanks – MaxDefense

Posted to Update Philippines (Jun 26): Philippine military needs main battle tanks – MaxDefense

With the difficulties the Philippine military is facing in the ongoing Marawi City crisis, MaxDefense Philippines is recommending the acquisition of main battle tanks. MaxDefense is suggesting refurbished Israeli tanks to quickly address the need.

“These tanks will be useful for events similar to Marawi, while also useful to train the Philippine Army in armor and combined arms operations while new tanks are being eyed for Horizons 2 and 3 stages,” MaxDefense said in a post in its social networking page today.

It can be recalled that during the early days of Marawi City crisis, Maute terrorists are reportedly launching rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) against Philippine Army’s armoured fighting vehicles.

“With the painful experience of the Philippine Army in Marawi City of not having a vehicle with heavy armor and firepower to provide troops fighting in urban warfare, they [should] consider [acquiring] a few main battle tanks, a company of less than 20 units plus accompanying [support] vehicles would be enough for now,” MaxDefense said.

MaxDefense said “the fastest course will be sourcing the tanks from Israel, which may be able to deliver them within a few months.”

He is recommending Israeli Merkava II or Magach 7.

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