Wednesday, September 7, 2016

WATCH | PNP bares details of bomb used in Davao attack; eyes narco-politicians

From InterAksyon (Sep 8): WATCH | PNP bares details of bomb used in Davao attack; eyes narco-politicians

Davao City personnel clean up the blast site on Roxas night market hours after a "twin-bomb" - using two types of mortars detonated by a cell phone - exploded, killing 14 people and wounding over 60 otehrs. INTERAKSYON.COM FILE

The special investigation task group of the Philippine National Police has released a sketch of bomb used in Friday night's explosion at the Roxas night market in Davao City that killed 14 people and injured over 60 others.

The PNP sketch shows two types of mortar used in the attack: a 60-millimeter and an 81-millimeter type.

Both were attached to a cell phone that served as the switch.

A 9-volt battery served as the power source.

This type of explosive device can instantly kill, police said, all persons within its 4-square-meter radius.

Besides the terrorism angle and the possible role of drug lords affected by the tough war on illegal drugs, authorities are also looking into the possibility that terrorist groups have now branched out into the illiicit drug trade.

According to Director Adzar Albani, of the Region 11 office of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), among those possibly behind the Davao blast are "yung mga terrorist groups na gumagamit na rin ng droga and then naging source narin ng funding nila yung drugs [those terrorist groups who also use drugs and then used the drug trade as their source of funds]."

It's also possible, authorities said, that the narco-politicians of Lanao and Maguindanao whom President Duterte earlier mentioned may behind the attack.

Both provinces are in Central Mindanao region, where bombs are being fabricated for sale, officials pointed out.

Albani said, "there are about 12 mayors in Lanao and Maguindanao alone. So [there are big] players there. We are zeroing in on people who have links to drugs and have the capability to finance any terroristic activity."

On Tuesday,police raided the site of a "factory" for improvised explosive devices in Mlang, North Cotabato.

They seized one grenade and materials for bomb-making. They arrested the caretaker, but the house owner escaped.


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