Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Filipino Armed Forces participates in multinational peacekeeping exercise

From Update.Ph (May 25): Filipino Armed Forces participates in multinational peacekeeping exercise  

US PACOM photo

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has participated in the Khaan Quest 2016, an annual, multinational peacekeeping operations exercise hosted by the Mongolian Armed Forces, co-sponsored by United States (US) Pacific Command (PACOM), and supported by US Army Pacific and US Marine Corps Forces, Pacific. The exercise commenced May 22.

Among the drills the AFP participated is a convoy escort simulation. Members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Peacekeeping Operations Interim planned their strategy prior to a convoy escort simulation.

“The convoy escort is one of 11 simulations designed to enhance tactical and combat capabilities of participating uniformed services during Khaan Quest 2016,” US PACOM said.

Khaan Quest 2016 is the capstone exercise for this year’s United Nations Global Peace Operations Initiative program. The exercise focuses on training activities to enhance international interoperability, develop peacekeeping capabilities, build to mil-to-mil relationships, and enhance military readiness.

“This year’s training will take us to the next level,” said US PACOM commander Admiral Harry Harris Jr. during the opening of the execise. “The Five Hills Training Facility [in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia] will be home to militaries from around the world – about 2,000 soldiers from more than 40 countries. This facility will provide them with a specialized setting to learn and train together and will work to enhance interoperability and develop common tactics. All of this will ultimately enhance our collective effectiveness to support global peacekeeping operations.”

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