Friday, October 16, 2015

Cops clashed with gunmen in Zamboanga City

From the Mindanao Examiner (Oct 15): Cops clashed with gunmen in Zamboanga City

Policemen clashed with a group of unidentified gunmen late Thursday on a village in Zamboanga City in southern Philippines in what officials claimed was a failed kidnapping.

One person was collared by policemen after a brief chase and was being interrogated. Soldiers also joined policemen in pursuing the gunmen who were spotted outside the house of a doctor, Armando Iturralde, in Talon-Talon village.

Iturralde reportedly fought off one of the gunmen, who tried to snatch him and he was able to ran away and hid on the roof until policemen and soldiers arrived.

It was unclear whether the men were also targeting other people people in the village. No other details were released by the police, but Sheila Covarrubias, a spokeswoman for Mayor Beng Climaco, said “It’s attempted abduction. A suspect was nabbed in Mariki.”

Mariki is a coastal village near downtown Zamboanga. Police and military have tightened security in Zamboanga, which was targeted in the past by Abu Sayyaf rebels.

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