Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New US Defense chief: Newest and most capable weapons will go first to Pacific region

From Ang Malaya (Apr 8): New US Defense chief: Newest and most capable weapons will go first to Pacific region

The new Defense Secretary of United States reiterates that America is a Pacific power and will remain one. US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said being a Pacific power US is doing more.

The newest and most capable weapons systems will go first to the region. When movements are completed, he said, 60 percent of the U.S. fleet will be in the Pacific-Indian Ocean area. Carter assumed office February 17 this year.

He said, at the John McCain Institute in Arizona, US strengths in terms of economy, security and diplomacy “are multiplied by America’s unrivaled network of allies and partners – These ties, tended to with careful diplomacy, are what make America’s global strength so unique throughout history and today.”

Secretary Carter also noted that U.S. and Philippine governments are working on ways to strengthen military-to-military cooperation.

Philippines and US have entered into a Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, however, the agreement’s constitutionality is currently being questioned in the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

It was reported that F-35, Zumwalt-class destroyer and armed P-8 maritime patrol aircraft will be deployed first in the Pacific. “Pacific Air Forces are going to have our most advanced weapons, to include stealthy, long- range attack missiles and longer-range air defense missiles,” US Deputy Defense Secretary Work said. “The Navy is going after a new long-range anti-ship missile, which will allow it to engage ships at standoff ranges.”

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