Wednesday, February 4, 2015

3ID strengthens commitment to Army transformation

From the Philippine News Agency (Feb 4): 3ID strengthens commitment to Army transformation

Geared to attain the vision to be a world-class Army that is a source of national pride by 2028, the 3rd Infantry “Spearhead” Division (3ID) has further strengthened its commitment to the Philippine Army’s journey towards genuine reform and transformation.

Just recently, the 3ID was awarded the Compliant Status in the Army Governance Pathway (AGP) during the Army Governance Forum held at the Philippine Army Officers’ Clubhouse in Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila.

Major General Rey Leonardo Guerrero, Commander of 3ID received the recognition conferred by General Gregorio Pio Catapang Jr., Chief of Staff, AFP and assisted by Lt. Gen. Hernando Iriberri, Commanding General of the Philippine Army, a news release Wednesday said.

The 3ID was one of the successful Army major units to achieve the Compliant Status or the 2nd stage in the four stages of the AGP, the news release added.

The four stages of the pathway towards a systemic governance approach are the Initiated, Compliant, Proficient and Institutionalized.

An institution must first be initiated before it can move to the next stage of the governance pathway, the media release said.

Prior to this achievement, the 3ID received the recognition of Initiated status on June 13, 2014. The hallmarks of this stage are the Charter statement which defines the 3ID vision, mission, core values and core purpose; the Strategy Map which defines and communicates priorities and focus; and the Performance Governance Scorecard which measures performance against priorities.

A major pre-requisite to attain the Compliant stage is a multi-sector governance coalition, or the participation of the external stakeholders in promoting good governance in the organization and share responsibility in pursuing transformation initiatives.

On the part of the 3ID, a Multi-Sector Advisory Board (MSAB) was launched September 9, 2014, hence, became operational as a functional board that provides external advice in the implementation of the 3ID Transformation Roadmap.

The 3ID MSAB is composed of distinguished representatives from key sectors all over Western Visayas. It is currently chaired by Rep. Jerry Treñas of the Lone District of Iloilo City.

The validation of the 3ID Performance Governance Scorecard and the Subsidiary Scorecards of the Infantry Brigades and Battalions under 3ID and post units of the command also paved the way in the attainment of the Division Compliant Status.

The ultimate objective of the 3ID in its scorecard is to have a normalized security environment in its area of responsibility where the local government units (LGUs) are taking the lead in advancing sustainable development and a just and lasting peace.

Major General Rey Leonardo Guerrero said, “With this achievement, the 3ID will continue to work together with its stakeholders in attaining good governance and performance excellence in the entire organization in order for us to realize our vision to be a reliable, committed, disciplined and capable unit that is a source of pride and a partner in nation-building in the Visayas.”

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