Sunday, January 25, 2015

2nd Field Artillery Battalion gets new commanding officer

From the Philippine News Agency (Jan 25): 2nd Field Artillery Battalion gets new commanding officer

The 2nd Field Artillery Battalion, which is equipped with 105mm howitzers, was given a new commanding officer in the person of Lt. Col. Romeo B. Pardo during short and simple ceremonies in Barangay Bua-yan, General Santos City last Jan. 22.

A statement forwarded by Major Rosa Ma. Cristina Rosete-Manuel, Army Artillery Regiment spokesperson, Sunday said the activity took place last Jan. 22.

Pardo, a member of the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1994, replaces Lt. Col. Lucito C. Carin, a member of PMA Class of 1993.

The latter was appointed as the AAR's chief of governance and strategy management office.

Present during the change-of-command ceremonies was ARR commander Brig. Gen. Leandro A. Loyao III.

Pardo, a native of Cavite, recently graduated from the Command and General Staff Course at the Camp Aguinaldo Quezon City.

He is a seasoned artillery officer having been performing artillery operations during his junior years in Samar and Leyte Region supporting the government troops fighting against the communist insurgents who are destroying the peaceful existence of the people in the communities.

Meanwhile, Loyao ordered the transfer of 2nd Field Artillery Battalion headquarters to co-llocate with 10th Infantry Division main base which is at Mawab, Compostela Valley.

“Davao Region is a national priority in the peace and development efforts of our government. Thus, in order for the 10th Infantry Division, Philippine Army to achieve its mission, we, the artilyeros, are here ready to support them not only in their combat operations but also in its peace and development initiatives,” he added.

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