Friday, September 5, 2014

BRP Ramon Alcaraz, attached AW-109 doing well in 'Kakadu 2014'

From the Philippine News Agency (Sep 5): BRP Ramon Alcaraz, attached AW-109 doing well in 'Kakadu 2014'

BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PF-16) and her embarked AgustaWestland AW-109 "Power" helicopter is doing very well on "Kakadu 2014"

"They have been doing good so far," Navy public affairs office chief Lt. Cmdr. Marineth Domingo said Friday.

The ship is the country's most up-to-date warship.

"Procedures that they have been doing varies at some point and there have been noted difference as well, but these does not hinder them but rather make way to learning and understanding about the reasons for these differences," she stressed.

The BRP Ramon Alcaraz has so far participated it live-fire exercises with HMAS Sydney and JS Hatakaze last Aug. 30 (Australian time).

While her AW-109 helicopter successfully landed at the flight deck of HMAS Sydney last Sept. 1 (also Australian time).

"Kakadu 2014" is the biennial naval maneuvers hosted by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

Ensign John Windy Abing, Philippine Navy public affairs officer, said the activity is part of the PN's efforts to improve its ability in the joint operation ships and aircraft.

Twelve nations are participating in this activity which started Aug. 25 and will end on Sept. 12.

The participating countries with navy ships/aircraft are Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Pakistan and Australia while Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Thailand, Vanuatu, South Korea, and India deployed personnel as observers.

It is held at the Northern Australian Exercise Area.

"(The) PN’s participation is expected to enhance its surface warfare capabilities and interoperability with regional navies. It will also be an opportunity for the PN to enhance cooperation, camaraderie, and good working relationship with the participating navies," Abing said.

Abing said that this is the second time the PN has sent its ship to participate since the exercise began way back in 1993.

The first time that the PN sent a ship was in 1999. PN observers were also sent in 2003, 2005, and 2007.

It can be recalled that on March 2014, Alcaraz’s sister ship, BRP Gregorio Del Pilar (PF-15) was also sent to Indonesia to participate for the first time in the Multilateral Naval Exercise codenamed “Komodo” which was participated by 16 countries.

The PN’s participation in multilateral exercises is an affirmation of its commitment in collaborating with other navies to promote peace and stability in the maritime region.

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