Thursday, February 6, 2014

PN to beef up 'RAS' capability

From the Philippine News Agency (Feb 6): PN to beef up 'RAS' capability

The Philippine Navy is beefing up its "replenishment at sea" (RAS) with the arrival of three medium-sized tanker ships.

The ships will be coming from the Philippine National Oil Corporation as the agency is acquiring new tanker ships to boost its fuel-carrying capacity.

The vessels are arriving in May in time with the PN's 116th founding anniversary on the 21st of that month.

A PN official said with the arrival of these assets, the on station capabilities of the Navy's two Gregorio Del Pilar frigates, Jacinto class patrol vessel ships and various fast gun boats will be greatly increased as the tankers can meet and refuel these naval craft in the high seas.

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