Saturday, September 21, 2013

CPP/NPA: NPA attacks camp of NIPAR bandit group in San Fernando, Bukidnon

Posted to the CPP Website (Sep 18): NPA attacks camp of NIPAR bandit group in San Fernando, Bukidnon

Ariel Magbanwag (Inda)
NPA South Central Bukidnon Sub Regional Command

Units of the New People’s Army under the South Central Bukidnon Subregional Command attacked the camp of the criminal bandit group NIPAR (New Indigenous People’s Army for Reform) led by Aldie “Butsoy” Salusad, September 16, 2013, around 5:00 AM in Sitio Kiranggol, Brgy. Dao, San Fernando, Bukidnon. The attack was launched in response to the overdue demands for justice of this group’s victims.

One was killed while five other bandit members were wounded inside their fortified camp in a chain of sporadic firefight which lasted for more than two hours. Surprised by the sudden assault of the revolutionary army, some armed bandits ran and hid among civilians; they returned fire using the gold panners in the area as human shield.

On the other hand, a few Red fighters were wounded in the battle. The unit command of the attacking force decided to withdraw orderly to avoid civilian casualties, leaving the mission of meting out punishment on Butsoy unaccomplished.

This incident proves that the reactionary troops of the AFP condone the criminal activities of this notorious group. Soldiers from detachments in Dao and Kibungkog, together with Nonong Salusad, regularly visit the NIPAR camp. Instead of arresting these bandits and prosecuting them for murdering Jimmy Liguyon and robbing Tessie Ombo, these soldiers happily share the spoils from the extortion activities of their cuddled armed monsters.

The AFP’s collusion with NIPAR is beyond doubt. Without military and police backing, how could Butsoy’s group freely do business and acquire high-powered firearms to control and dominate the small-scale gold miners of Kiranggol? Clearly, the military and police are among those who benefit from the spoils of NIPAR’s illegal activities. This is the reason why the long arm of justice apparently fails to catch them.

It would be a folly for the AFP-PNP to arrest Butsoy or make him surrender, since his bandit group NIPAR has served effectively their counterrevolutionary witchhunting.

In response to Butsoy’s lies peddled in the local media regarding the battle:

First, it is blatantly untrue that forces of the 23rd IB-CAA from the neighboring detachment of Kibungkog sent reinforcements to aid the beleaguered bandit group in repelling the attackers. The fact is, the group of Butsoy’s father, the CAFGU bandit Nonong Salusad, together with soldiers of the 23rd IB who were already in the NIPAR camp two days before the NPA attack, fiercely fought side-by-side with NIPAR.

Second, while it is true that a few were wounded, not one Red fighter was killed in the battle.

Third, the NPA firmly abides by its iron discipline. The alleged confiscation of a P350,000 cash from a gold buyer is pure and simple malicious accusation.

Fourth, not a single firearm of the NPA attacking unit was left in the place of incident. The M-14 rifle that Butsoy flaunted as a hard won prize captured from the NPA attackers is nothing but his own group’s firearm.

Although the mission of meting out punishment on Butsoy and his bandit group was not carried out successfully, the NPA as the people’s army has shown that, it never sat idly in waiting for an opportune time to serve revolutionary justice to NIPAR’s victims. Contrary to the nonchalance of the military and police of the ruling classes, we assure the victims and their families that the future is bursting with many more opportunities. They can hope for justice to be served in due time.

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