Saturday, July 6, 2013

IEP/BIFM/BIFF: Lambayong- Sultan Kudarat

From the Islamic Emirate of the Philippines (IEP) Facebook page (Jun 28): Lambayong- Sultan Kudarat

Latest update on the ongoing fight of the Mujahideen and the infedels in Kulasi, Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines

... Last night around 6pm, the Mujaheedin were bombarding 60mm mortar against the AFP infedels and 1 Kennedy vehicle was down, all of the passengers were killed and one is missing from the attack.

Currently the total casualties from this military unrest is more than 70 AFP infidels Dead and more than 30 are wounded and from the Mujahideen, 2 were Martyred and 2 are wounded.

The BIFF Mujahideen changed their offensive strategy attack against the AFP from a conventional warfare to a guerilla one. They are attacking and will continue to attack AFP with the guerilla offensive strategy.

We will continue to give accurate and up to date news fresh fro the battle field. Insha'ALLAH

Please make Du'a for our Hoorable Mujahideen and don't forget to give everything that you can give in support to The Honorable Defenders of our DEEN.

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