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Govt is sincere to help NPA rebels get new life - MisOr legislator

From the Philippine Information Agency (Jun 26, 2020): Govt is sincere to help NPA rebels get new life - MisOr legislator (By Jasper Marie O. Rucat)

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Rep. Juliette T. Uy of the second district of Misamis Oriental shares in a press conference held by 58th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army that the government is sincere this time to really attain peace and order through Whole of Nation Approach. (JMORucat/PIA10)

MISAMIS ORIENTAL, June 26 (PIA) - Misamis Oriental's second district Representative Juliette T. Uy underscored the sincerity of the government in helping NPA rebel returnees to have a second chance at life.

In a press conference at the 58th Infantry Battalion at Claveria Misamis Oriental, Uy said a number of laws have been established to cater to the needs of rebel returnees should they seek to leave their armed struggle and come back to the mainstream.

These benefits include free tuition for their kids. If a rebel surrenders, he can avail himself of free housing or P400,000 to build their house, lump sum specially with firearms, livelihood program at around P100, 000 to P150,000.

She said she is happy with the rebel returnees finally seeing the light and coming back to the folds of the government like Alias Dino, an NPA communist leader, Alias Dina, medic and Alias Jegs, member who struggled to survive in the mountains, hiding and running for their lives.

"They are not the only ones but most of all their children," Uy stressed.

Alias Dino and Dina have two kids, a 3-year old and 5-year old whom they left when they were active in the movement.

"This problem of insurgency has been in existence for many decades, that there needs to be a solution now. If the President or the national government will not push for this, nothing will happen," she explained.

On the other hand, Uy expressed support to the Anti-Terror Bill. She, however, aknowledged that the law can be abused. But she believes the government now is sincere at attaining peace and order in the land.

Uy assured her constituents that she is ready to help and defend the province by listening to problems of the local government units especially in maintaining peace and order in the province.

“We are all Filipinos. No one can help us but our own selves,” she said.

She also urges the communist rebels to try the programs and services of government. If they see that government is not sincere, they can go back to the mountains.

She hoped that whatever the government provided them, they would take care in return. (JMORucat/PIA10)

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